Wadden Sea and Hallig Islands Biosphere Reserve – Germany

The Wadden Sea and Hallig Islands of Schleswig Holstein is one of 18 regions protected through the status of a Biosphere Reserve in Germany. Located in the northwest of Germany and characterised mainly by its proximity to the North Sea, this coastal Biosphere Reserve consists of salt-marshes, subtidal areas, tidal flats with creeks and channels, beaches, sand flats and sandbanks which generally lack vegetation cover.

The Hallif Islands are an important part of the cultural landscape and were proclaimed as a UNESCO Biosphere reserve in 1990 and extended in 2004. With a total area of about 443,000 hectares it is one of the largest reserves in Germany. 

Collage of three images of Wadden Sea and Hallig Islands Biosphere. Details below.

*Image sources via Flickr CC search: mud wanderer, St Peter-Ording Watt, Besuch der Hallig Hooge.