As the COBWEB Project develops we will be sharing some of our development work and demonstrators here on the website. This page will gather together current development work grouped by broad project theme. 


​Demonstrator Videos

  • Mobile App Demonstrator Video - this demonstrator shows the types of processes and interfaces a citizen engaging with the COBWEB mobile and web apps might encounter. This video was created for GEO-X, Geneva, January 2014.
  • Validating Land Cover using COBWEB - this COBWEB video demonstrates and discusses how our infrastructure can be used to collect valuable environmental data relating to land cover, which can subsequently be used to validate Earth Observation derived land cover products.

Co-Design Activities


Co-design and Field-testing with COBWEB


The COBWEB project invites your proposals for projects under our co-design fund. Proposals should build on existing work, and involve the collection of environmental data by citizens – be they volunteers, organisation members, clients, students, or the general public. We are looking for plans that will use COBWEB's demonstrator mobile phone applications to collect these data, and the Dyfi Biosphere website to display the data. No scientific or technical expertise is required, and technical support will be provided free of charge to successful applicants as part of the project.

Ideas might include volunteering schemes, a programme of educational activities, activities targeted at visitors, or proposals related to specific sites. COBWEB wishes to fund a range of projects that, between them, will reach the whole Dyfi Biosphere area, and cover our three pilot case study areas of flooding, biological monitoring and earth observation.

Please click here for our 'Brief' and additional information.