University of Patras

The University of Western Greece merged with the University of Patras in mid 2013. We are pleased that the COBWEB project partnership has continued and migrated to the University of Patras following this merger. 
The University of Patras was founded in the city of Patras in 1964 as a self-administered academic institution under the supervision of the Greek Government. It was established primarily with the intention to concentrate on science, technology, economics, business administration and social sciences. Today the University of Patras is the third University of Greece from the point of view of the number of students, of its academic and administrative staff, as well as of the number of Faculties and Schools. It remains one of the best known Universities in Greece with great reputation among the International and European Scientific community that justifies the vision and mission of its establishment. University of Patras currently has 24 Faculties, covering the whole range of scientific disciplines.

The research in the Faculty of Environmental and Natural Resources Management aims towards the sustainable management of natural resources, and nature conservation. The research team participating the Cobweb project is active in the fields of conservation biology, vegetation ecology, landscape ecology, spatial analysis and geostatistics. Biodiversity research is focused on the conservation of species and habitat types, by describing and comprehending their spatial patterns and temporal turnover and the mechanisms driving these patterns. To this end we use both fieldwork, remote sensing tools and models. The application of our research is focused on the sustainable management of protected areas and the monitoring of biodiversity.