University College Dublin (NUID UCD, Ireland)

The CLARITY Centre for Sensor Web Technologies is among the largest research centres in Sensor Web technologies worldwide. The centre headquartered at NUID UCD, has a strong focus on sensor system communications, data processing and intelligent algorithms for decision making. The team involved in this project works within CLARITY Research Package 2 (RP2), led by Prof. Gregory M. P. O’Hare, that conducts research in middleware solutions to facilitate the management of autonomic wireless sensor networks and ubiquitous infrastructures. RP2 harnesses the potential of agency to distribute decision making across the various layers of the system and network partitions, to facilitate robust collaborative behaviours adapting and reflecting evolving resource constraints. It already developed a number of novel techniques for adaptive capture and filtering, data aggregation and dissemination within a dynamic, unreliable, unstructured, decentralised and resource constrained network ( NUID UCD has extensive experience in a range of research domains pertinent to COBWEB. However, its main contribution will be that of distributed Artificial Intelligence - Intelligent Agents, and intelligent middleware, namely through its SIXTH initiative.