Technische Universitat Dresden (TUD, Germany)

The Professorship of Geoinformation Systems is a cross-cutting Professorship at the Department of Geosciences of the Technische Universität Dresden with an interdisciplinary team. Research and Education focuses on various topics within the discipline Geoinformatics (Geoinformation Science).

Geoinformatics deals with the design, development and application of information technologies to offer the methodologies and tools for tackling geoscientific problems and especially to support the management, analysis and exploration of spatio-temporal information. The current research is focused on Geoinformation Systems and Spatial Data Infrastructures, spatio-temporal simulation modelling, Spatial Decision Support Systems and Geoprocessing on the Web. Therefore, aspects such as interoperability, usability and the use of new technologies in the field of data acquisition and processing play a major role.

The Professorship offers lectures for students from geoinformation technologies, geodesy, geography, informatics, hydrology, cartography as well as spatial development and natural resource management. Beside the basics of geoinformation science the focus is on geosoftware development and geodatabases, the practical application of GIS and Spatial Data Infrastructures.