OIKOM Environmental Studies Ltd

OIKOM Environmental Studies LTD (ΟΙΚΟΜΜελετητικήΠεριβάλλοντοςΕΠΕ) was established in Athens, Greece in 2007, by a group of scientists with over 15 years of prior experience in nature conservation.
OIKOM has significant expertise in the following sectors:

  • Biological and environmental monitoring.
  • Protected area management.
  • Environmental awareness, information and dissemination.
  • Environmental interpretation and promotion of the natural environment.
  • Environmental impact assessment.
  • Coordination and/ or participation in large projects (national funding, LIFE, INTERREG etc).

Among other projects, OIKOM has prepared the Specific Environmental Assessment, the Management Plan and the Flora and Habitat Monitoring Plan for Samaria National Park. They have also participated in the preparation of the previous Management Plan for Mt Olympus.
OIKOM will contribute to Work Packages 1, 2, 6, 8 and 9. They will mainly be responsible for approaching stakeholders and the public, as well as for the dissemination and communication of the project in Greece. OIKOM is in close cooperation with UWG, forming together a strong cluster within the consortium that will manage the project in Greece.

COBWEB contact: Andreas Panitsas apanitsas@oikom.gr

OIKOM Environmental Studies LTD
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