Software Outputs

The software listed and made available below (along with documentation and open source licence details) is software created during the execution of the COBWEB project.  Note this is not all the software created during the project, it is primarily higher Technology Readiness Level (levels 6-8) components which we consider appropriate to release into the public domain.  

Fieldtrip Open, the Generic COBWEB software framework can now be accessed through a dedicated website at:

Specific COBWEB Components include:

Generic COBWEB software (also known as FieldTrip Open) source code:

Technical documentation:

Generic Application Designer (also known as Survey Designer)
Source code:

Technical documentation:

Observation Viewer
Source code & installation instructions

Storage Middleware (also known as PCAPI)
Source code & installation instructions:

Technical documentation:

Conflation Service

Java libraries:
Integration with 52n WPS:

It is a feature of COBWEB that the components we have developed embed within an architecture that uses existing open source projects.  Examples of these are:

Security and privacy

Catalogue software

Web Processing Service (WPS)

Spatial Database

Web Feature Service (WFS)


One of the most significant and most likely long lasting contributions of the COBWEB project has been to lead on community development of a harmonised information model for improving the sharing of citizen science data and hence interoperability.  Details on Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) for Citizen Science (SWE4citizenscience) can be found here: