Conference and Event Posters

Promotional materials associated with particular events can be downloaded below:

Geo XII, 9-13th November 2015, Mexico City, Mexico

ECSA General Assembly, 28-30th October 2015, Barcelona, Spain

4th World Congress of Biosphere Reserves, 14-17th March 2016, Lima, Peru

This poster (click the image to download) guides a project coordinator through 10 straighforward steps using COBWEB on a project. From first hearing about COBWEB, to creating a survey and having volunteers collect environmental Data. The posterwas created in 2015 and has been presented at a variety of events:

 CCOBWEB poster on how project coordinator can use COBWEB


Greek Ecological Society conference,October 2014, Greece & Natura 2000 workshop, 19th October 2015, Barcelona, Spain

This poster (click the image to download) was subject of a presentation to compare the ability of non-experts to collect data needed for conservation status assessment of habitat types and compare their data to data collect by experts. The poster is available in Greek and English.

 Greek Ecological Society Poster - GreekGreek version. 

 Greek Ecological Society Poster - EnglishEnglish version. 

9th GEO European Projects Workshop, 15-16th June 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

This poster (click the image to download) was presented as part of the 'Citizens contributions to GEOSS' by Lucy Morus-Baird of EcoDyfi on 'The COBWEB Co-Design Process in the Dyfi Biosphere'.

 COBWEB Framework


Citizens' Observatories: Empowering European Society Open Conference, 4th December 2014, Brussels, Belgium

In December 2014 we participated in, and were part of the organising group for, the Citizens' Observatories and European Commission Citizens' Observatories: Empowering European Society Open Conference which took place in Brussels. You can download the leaflet for this event, which COBWEB created in collaboration with the EC and the other Citizens Observatories projects, here

This poster (click the image to download) was used on our stand to outline the process of creating a Citizen Science project using COBWEB - something we also demonstrated at the event.

COBWEB poster on creating a Citizen Science project


This poster, (click the image to download) also used on our stand, discusses how COBWEB enables citizens to contribute to environmental decision making.

COBWEB poster on the role of citizens and policy makers


GEO-X, 12th-17th January 2014, Geneva, Switzerland

In January 2014 we participated in the GEO-X Plenary and Ministerial Summit in Geneva. This poster (click the image to download) was used for our area of the European Commission "Speakers Corner" area, where the COBWEB team also gave a presentation. A COBWEB mobile app demonstrator video was also shown within the Speakers Corner area. 


At GEO-X we also had a presence on the OGC stand where our work on AIP-6 was showcased in this more technical poster (click the image to download). This work was also demonstrated in a special AIP-6 Side Event.


COBWEB also worked collaboratively with our four fellow Citizens' Observatory projects (Citclops, Citi-Sense, Omniscientis and WeSenseIt) to create three posters (click the image to download) which were shown at the joint Citizens' Observatory booth, part of the European Commission exhibition stand at GEO-X. Please note that these are print quality PDFs and are, in some cases, quite large files (click the image to download). These posters are also available to download via the Citizens' Observatory website

An Introduction to the five CO projects



Overview of Technology in the five CO projects   



 Citizen Participation in the five CO projects



GEO-IX, 19th-24th November, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

In November 2012 we attended the GEO-IX Plenary in Brazil and presented this poster. It gives an overview of the COBWEB project (click the image to download).



This flyer describing COBWEB was also created for the GEO-IX Plenary.