Co-Design Reports

Co-design is an exciting phase of the COBWEB project. It provides opportunities for small groups and representatives of the local community to run projects that will contribute to the, pilot data collection, development, and improvement of COBWEB.

Testing began with the projects’ public activities in early 2015. Below you will find the completed reports from each co-design project that took place in 2015.


Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre

Mapping Marine Megafauna

The Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre (CMBWC), based in New Quay in West Wales, are a non-profit organisation dedicated to conserving Cardigan Bay’s marine wildlife through research, education and awareness raising. They have been using COBWEB to monitor species in the bay.

 COBWEB Co-design Report CBMWC.pdf


Coetiroedd Dyfi Woodlands

Citizens, technology and woodland ecology

Through spring and summer in 2015 students, visitors and citizens of the Dyfi Biosphere participarws in the ecological monitoring of three different woodlands:

Coed Gwern – A private woodland in Gwynedd owned by the Centre for Alternative Technology

Coed Penglais – A public woodland in Ceredigion owned by Ceredigion County Council

Coed Tŷ Gwyn – A public woodland in Powys owned by the Welsh Government

An additional woodland, also designated as a Nature Reserve, Coed Cwm Clettwr, was included at the end of the project.

COBWEB Co-design Report Coetiroedd Dyfi Woodlands.pdf


Penparcau Community Forum

Wildlife on Our Doorstep (WOOD)

Penparcau Community Forum was set up in November 2012 to encourage residents to air their views on matters that affect them and to organise activities that would bring back the community spirit. The Wildlife on Our Doorstep (WOOD) project works with people in the Penparcau area. A variety of citizen scientists used the COBWEB app to record information about nature in the area, especially on the urban Nature Reserve: Pen Dinas. In 2015 the focus was on making records of butterflies and looking for their larval food plants.

COBWEB Co-design Report Penparcau Community Forum.pdf


RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)

Monitoring habitat reversion at Ynys-Hir Reserve

RSPB Ynys-hir used the COBWEB app to investigate the progress of two different habitat area reversion projects; salt marsh and peat bog, which throughout their history have been influenced by both natural forces and in the last 150 years, man’s intervention. In 2015 they ran a total of 16 sessions with 255 citizen scientists, mostly children from local schools.

 COBWEB Co-design Report RSPB Ynys-hir .pdf


Snowdonia National Park Authority

Japanese Knotweed Survey

The Snowdonia National Park Authority (SNPA) is working with a number of partners to develop a strategy to control Japanese Knotweed within the Park.Using the COBWEB app has enabled SNPA to accurately map where Japanese Knotweed is located in certain areas of the park. Because of these high quality data, they have had the opportunity to devise a strategy and apply for funding.

COBWEB Co-design Report Snowdonia National Park Authority.pdf


The Outward Bound Trust

The Outward Bound Trust (OBT) involved young people visiting the centre from schools all over the UK with using COBWEB surveys at various sites around the Dyfi Biosphere Reserve. This was lead by trained outdoor instructors in conjunction with their John Muir award.

COBWEB Co-design Report Outward Bound.pdf


Ysgol Bro Hyddgen

Engaging Schools and the Community through COBWEB

Ysgol Bro Hyddgen is a 3-18 all-though, bilignual, school in the town of Machynlleth, Wales. From 2013 Ysgol Bro Hyddgen has been part of the test case for the COBWEB project using the Fieldtrip GB app. This study proved so beneficial to developing a holistic approach to educating our pupils the school submitted their proposal to be part of the COBWEB Co-Design project. The school have been investigating the educational benefits of the COBWEB app and how it can be utilised and embedded into the National curriculum. 

COBWEB Co-design Report Ysgol Bro Hyddgen .pdf