Crowd Power: The COBWEB Guide to Citizen Science

Crowd Power: the COBWEB Guide to Citizen Science (Comic Book)

This comic book provides an introduction to citizen science and an overview of the COBWEB: Citizen Observatory Web project and the work accomplished during this ambitious four year project. It is both a record of the project and an open resource which we encourage you to share with others.

Crowd Power is available as a PDF [15 MB] here, but we also have print copies available on request. At present it is available in English but please get in touch if you would like to request or commission digital or print copies in another language. 

If you are using Crowd Power in your own work or would like to host a digital copy of this book on your own site please do let us know so we can help share and support this.

Credits: Sha Nazir and Kirsty Hunter Art with Clare Forrest, Kirk Kristofferson, Jack Lothian and Nicola Osborne. EDINA, COBWEB: Citizen Observatory Web project and (BHP Comics) Black Hearted Press Ltd., 2016 . ISBN: 978-1-910775-07-3