Ysgol Bro Hyddgen

Engaging Schools and the Community through COBWEB

Ysgol Bro Hyddgen is a 3-18 all-though, bilingual, school in the town of Machynlleth, Wales. From 2013 Ysgol Bro Hyddgen has been part of the test case for the COBWEB project using the Fieldtrip GB app. This study proved so beneficial to developing a holistic approach to educating our pupils the school submitted their proposal to be part of the COBWEB Co-Design project. The school have been investigating the educational benefits of the COBWEB app and how it can be utilised and embedded into the National curriculum.  


The reason the COBWEB app was of interest to the school was its use of GPS technology. This is becoming very crucial in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Science and Geography at the moment and the curriculum has had a focus with this topic for the past several years. The school has been teaching the use of GPS technology and its uses in industry and research but felt a more practical experience for its pupils would have more of an impact on their education.

Pupils have been using the app to undertake a series of biological monitoring and habitat identification activities in the Ynys-hir RSPB reserve during the summer of 2015. The school has worked closely with the RSPB to develop a series of cross curricular activities using COBWEB as a means of data collection and delivery.


ICT class at outside in the park looking at a map of the area

Year 10 ICT class using the COBWEB app to carry out surveys with the RSPB


As part of this project the school was donated a weather station in order to record and compare weather conditions with the records collected. The data can then match which animals prefer which type of habitats and weather conditions as an example. One of the purposes of the station is to be able to share good quality data with partners. One of the partners within COBWEB, University College Dublin helped the school identify Weather Underground as a method of locating and storing the data online. This would enable any online user to access the data live on the internet and to be able to download the data in a CSV format as required.

The school has embedded this into the curriculum including pupils in the primary campus creating a BBC news report and having a weather section. The school radio gives pupils the opportunity to read and understand the data to help them broadcast what the weather will be. The Davies Weather station interface helps pupils understand this with their user-friendly UI. 

The students have played a very important role within the COBWEB project. Their feedback on the usability of the app, the portal and the learning resources are feeding directly into the development process, helping COBWEB to enhance the service and make it accessible and useful to all citizens.

Students gathered proudly in front of their weather station

Ysgol Bro Hyddgen students with their weather station

Read the full report by Ysgol Bro Hyddgen about their Co-Design project using COBWEB in the PDF provided below.