Penparcau Community Forum

Wildlife on Our Doorstep (WOOD)

Penparcau Community Forum was set up in November 2012 to encourage residents to air their views on matters that affect them and to organise activities that would bring back the community spirit.

The community forum is self-funding and run by a coordinator and enthusiastic directors and volunteers. They organise wildlife walks, history walks, community activities and fundraising. The forum has a large number of Welsh speakers.


The Wildlife on Our Doorstep (WOOD) project works with people in the Penparcau area. A variety of citizen scientists used the COBWEB app to record information about nature in the area, especially on the urban Nature Reserve: Pen Dinas. In 2015 the focus was on making records of butterflies and looking for their larval food plants. A qualified, ecologist lead each session, ensuring that the citizens got access to environments that provided a rich source of data over a wide range of habitats as well as verifying observations. 


After each session each group considered feedback about the app, if it felt clear and simple to use, or if there are ways we could improve it to make it more user friendly and more suitable for our project.

The app’s value as a way of engaging people with nature was noted with comments from the citizens including: 

“It’s lovely to have an activity we can do as a family.”

“This is like a nature documentary, and it’s right on my doorstep.”

“It gives you a sense of ownership of your area as you’re recording specific plants, not just any.”

“It’s a new way for citizens to contribute to and learn about their environment.”  


Read the full report by Penparcau Community Forum about their Co-Design project using COBWEB in the PDF provided below.