Coetiroedd Dyfi Woodlands

Citizens, technology and woodland ecology

Through spring and summer in 2015 students, visitors and citizens of the Dyfi Biosphere explored the exciting world of woodlands using the COBWEB app.

Participants from the counties of Gwynedd, Powys and Ceredigion visited local woodlands where they learned how to become Citizen Scientists with the aid of wildlife experts and experienced COBWEB application users. They became familiar with identifying birds, newts, bats, lizards, butterflies and plants for pollinators and learned how to record their location using a hand held device.

Birds listed as observed inCoedt Ty Gwyn

As citizen scientists, participants in 2015 contributed to the ecological monitoring of three different woodlands:

Coed Gwern – A private woodland in Gwynedd owned by the Centre for Alternative Technology

Coed Penglais – A public woodland in Ceredigion owned by Ceredigion County Council

Coed Tŷ Gwyn – A public woodland in Powys owned by the Welsh Government

An additional woodland, also designated as a Nature Reserve, Coed Cwm Clettwr, was included at the end of the project.

Pollinator records in Coed Ty Gwyn

In total 116 locals participated as citizen scientists surveying the sites and learning about woodlands.

The data collected from these woodlands has provided information to be used by local woodland managers, as well as educating locals about what lives and grows in loacl woodland areas.

In addition to this, Coetiroedd Dyfi Woodlands  introduced COBWEB to Aberystwyth’s life-long learning Ecology Course tutors and students to gauge its potential in supporting field work in higher education. The data collected by Coetiroedd Dyfi Woodlands has also empowered locals to become caretakers of their environment through education and citizen science. 

Read the full report by Coetiroedd Dyfi Woodlands about their Co-Design project using COBWEB in the PDF provided below.