Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) for(4) Citizen Science

Much of the work undertaken as part of the SWE4CitizenScience initiative was written up (published March 2017) as the OGC Discussion Paper 'Standardized Information Models to Optimize Exchange, Reusability and Comparability of Citizen Science Data'.

SWE4CitizenScience is an initiative started by the 5 EU sponsored Citizen Observatory projects (CITI-SENSE, WeSenseIt, COBWEB, Citclops, OMNISCIENTIS). 

An open repository on GitHub, SWE4CitizenScience is to be used to develop best practices on how to use Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specifications for the Citizen Observatories projects. 

The OGC has developed a suite of standards, which once implemented and deployed, provide all functionality to cover almost all types of crowdsourcing projects. The standards used in those best practices are usually general purpose standards to describe, access, or process data. They usually provide more functionality than required for crowdsourcing campaigns. This repository has been developed to simplify the selection process for crowdsourcing system developers and operators on which parts and which options shall be used.

Potential specifications that have been developed and tested include:

  • Observations & Measurements (O&M) - Standard for describing observations and measurements from a sensor, both archived and real-time.
  • Sensor Model Language (Sensor ML) - Standard for describing sensor systems and processes associated with sensor observations; provides information needed for discovery of sensors, location of sensor observations, processing of low-level sensor observations, and listing of taskable properties. As well as supporting on-demand processing of sensor observations.
  • Sensor Observations Service (SOS) - Standard web service interface for requesting, filtering, and retrieving observations and sensor system information.
  • Sensor Planning Service (SPS) -  Standard web service interface for requesting user-driven acquisitions and observations.
  • SWE Common Data Model - Standard defines low level data models for exchanging sensor related data between nodes of the OGC® Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) framework.

An open repository on GitHub, SWE4CitizenScience is to be used to develop best practices on how to use Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specifications for the Citizen Observatories projects. What these standards mean for COBWEB and other Citizen Observatories projects, is that it will be easier and faster to harvest data whether it's being collected by citizens, weather stations, or satellites. The quality of observations will be improved by validating against data from other sources. The ultimate aim of these standards is to improve both the harvesting and the quality control of crowdsourced environmental data.

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