Brief: Co-design and Field-testing with COBWEB

Deadline: 12:00 (BST) on Monday, July 21st 2014

Download a copy of this Brief in English (Word version|PDFClick here) or in Welsh (Word version|PDF).

The Template for Tender which should be completed and returned is available in English (Word version|PDF) or in Welsh (Word Version|PDF).

This brief includes the following sections:

Introduction & Background

COBWEB is a four-year research project, creating a platform to enable citizens within UNESCO Biosphere Reserves to collect environmental data using mobile devices.

The COBWEB project invites your proposals for projects under our co-design fund. Proposals should build on your existing work, and involve the collection of environmental data by citizens – be they volunteers, your members, clients, students, or the general public. We are looking for plans that will use COBWEB's demonstrator mobile phone applications to collect these data, and the Dyfi Biosphere website to display the data. No scientific or technical expertise is required, and technical support will be provided free of charge to successful applicants as part of the project.

Ideas might include volunteering schemes, a programme of educational activities, activities targeted at visitors, or proposals related to specific sites. COBWEB wishes to fund a range of projects that, between them, will reach the whole Dyfi Biosphere area, and cover our three pilot case study areas of flooding, biological monitoring and earth observation.

Objectives & Scope

The work will have three main components:

  1. Engage in dialogue with members of the COBWEB consortium to assist in the design of apps, and to assist in identifying further user requirements.
  2. Use the generic COBWEB apps to address specific needs within your project or area of expertise, and advise us on adaptations to these apps.
  3. Arrange and manage groups of citizens in field testing COBWEB app(s) in the Dyfi Biosphere area.

Costs in the area of £500 to £10,000 are expected, though larger projects will be considered.

Schedule and Outputs:


  • Mon 16th June: Invitation to tender
  • Mon 21st July: Deadline for tender submissions
  • We reserve the right to contact some applicants individually for refinement
  • Mon 4th Aug: decision, contact all applicants

Those running projects must:

  • Attend the kickoff meeting in September 2014, to further co-operation, discuss technical support and the schedule for activities;
  • from September 2014, test prototype apps on a small scale and provide feedback as we develop them further;
  • agree by December 2014 to a programme for testing in the field;
  • from January 2015 onwards: engage citizens with the demonstrator apps in the field;
  • and deliver a report on field testing no later than September 2015.

Fees and Costs

All costs and rates you propose should be included in your tender template form (in the costs table provided)

Selection Criteria

Proposers will need to demonstrate the following:

  • A track record of engaging citizens in or near the Dyfi Biosphere area 
  • Awareness of health and safety
  • Commitment to equal opportunities and the Welsh language
  • Ability to plan and work to a timescale

Award Criteria

Proposals will be assessed against the following criteria, with the percentage weightings given:

Criteria Weighting
Quality and quantities of data to be collected are sufficient to meet the aims of your proposed project i.e. they will meet your own purposes 20%
A structured approach which engages with citizens and actively involves them in citizen science 20%
The relevance of the project and data gathered to COBWEB’s research aims and one or more of the three pilot case study areas 15%
Value for money and feasibility (e.g. the project can be delivered within the timescale required) 15%
The range of proposed project locations and the distribution of these throughout the Dyfi Biosphere area 10%
The wider benefits of the data gathered, e.g. if it can be used by your organisation, or in relation to research, land management and policy issues 10%
The project activity will be delivered in Welsh and English, as appropriate to your proposed target audience(s) 10%

Additional information

Along with this document, you should refer to the additional information available on the COBWEB website, on our Additional Information page: and Q&A section. Note that this includes:

  • Summary of existing COBWEB case studies
  • Summary of data identified as being of interest for policy formation and delivery
  • Summary of COBWEB research objectives

Please note:

  • This is a call for proposals for sub-contracted work on a competitive basis. It is not a grant scheme.
  • A report on activities undertaken as part of this scheme will be required. The size and nature of the report will depend upon the size and nature of the activity undertaken.
  • As COBWEB is an EU-funded project, income from subcontracts through this co-design fund cannot be used as match funding for other European projects.
  • To protect intellectual property, successful applicants will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement

Financial Information:

Payment will be made in arrears. Organisations contracted through the co-design fund are sub-contractors and as such will be paid in arrears, subject to:

  • Confirmation by the COBWEB monitoring officer of progress/completion of tasks, including final report
  • Submission of invoices on a monthly basis.

Payment will be made within 30 days of receipt of invoices by University of Edinburgh.